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National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association


The National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association – Membership


This membership is strictly for students of Live Scan

To succeed in the Live Scan Biometric Industry, you need a strong influential organization with the right training, tools and support. The NLA’s goal is to  encourage you to partner with us, to help you grow your Live Scan Business. We have helped business and individual’s from various backgrounds, careers and locations to excel and reach their goals in the biometric industry.

With The National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association Program, we partner with you giving you the expert guidance and direction required to have to grow an optimal and successful  Live Scan Business, which ensure customers, more importantly –  loyal customers providing you with your end goal.

Whether you’re absolutely new to the industry, want to add Live Scan as an additional service for your customers, want to work from home, or just provide strictly Mobile Live Scan Services. Our team of experienced Live Scan Fingerprint professionals are ready to promptly assist you in achieving which ever goal you may have for the future of your  Live Scan Business.



As the demand for On-Site Live Scan Fingerprinting service increases, membership in the NLA will prove most valuable