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National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association GUIDES YOUR SUCCESS

The NLA is rich in resources and support to help you grow your Live Scan Fingerprinting Career

In order to fully and confidently succeed in the Biometrics Industry  you will need an influential organization with all the right information and tools. National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association will partner with you providing you the expertise, support and connections  needed to succeed and grow your business successfully.

Whether you're full-time or part-time, a new Live Scan Fingerprint Roller or Starting a Live Scan Business knowing the process, procedures and regulations of Live Scan Fingerprinting is a key responsibility of your profession.

Discover the many advantages of having exclusive access to information saving you valuable time and money. Our team of experienced skilled professionals are ready to promptly and accurately assist you and answer all your questions.


In order to succeed in the Biometrics Industry you will need an influential organization with all the right information and tools.

Member program includes:

national live scan fingerprinting association
  • Quarterly subscription to the Live Scan Fingerprinting Newsletter, keeping you informed of new trends and laws.
  • 'Members only' specials offered throughout the year that save you money on all  training materials.
  • Unlimited expert technical support that will help you maintain your good standing as a professional Live Scan Fingerprint Roller or Business.
  • 'Members Only' log-in area on our informative website:
  • Unlimited use of our logo on your business cards, letterhead, and advertising, establishing you as a professional Certified Live Scan Fingerprint Roller/Operator having an alliance with a leading expert Live Scan Fingerprinting organization.
  • Free listing in our National Live Scan Fingerprinting Locator to help you advertise and market your Fingerprinting services.
  • Free Logo Software - Free Logo 3D (Business Course Only)
  • Free reference support letters if needed.
  • Timely notifications for updates and changes well before they are due, in order to effectively implement.

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Membership for "3" months is included with the Live Scan Business Class.

national live scan fingerprinting association



"I could not believe how much the teachers were there for us! We have called for guidance and direction, everytime I was impressed."

— Jake Nelson
JNS Tax Service

"Excellent tool for helping my business, the class was well organized helped us through the whole process."

— Ari Harrison
Harrison Guard

 "I just had to let you know how happy we are with your fingerprinting class. The care and attention you gave to our goals in starting our own business was incredible."

— Mike & Teri Mercer