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What is Live Scan?

Live Scan Fingerprinting is a digital process that replaces traditional ink card fingerprinting. Only an authorized agency is allowed to transmit prints to the Department of Justice via a encrypted secured server using - which performs a criminal history background check by The Automated Fingerprint Identification System - (AFIS).

Live Scan Fingerprinting is required for various state-issued-licenses, employment, medical positions, adoption, foster parenting ,liquor license, volunteer work, and many more. Because of the fast result turnaround time.


Learn Ink Card Fingerprinting

FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting is needed for applicants who must obtain a nationwide background check through the FBI, and anyone who is required to send their fingerprint images out side the state  in which they currently reside.  Ink Card Fingerprinting is a requested service for many receiving agencies. Some school districts, medical facilities, are just a few that require Ink Card Fingerprints remain on file during the course of employment.

Adding this service to your Fingerprinting business will prove to be a very wise choice. The average customer will require (2) cards, the rate for each Ink Card Fingerprinting service is $30, that is if the customer provides the cards.

Start a Live Scan Fingerprinting Business

The need for Live Scan Fingerprinting services is growing rapidly. Financial, Law Enforcement, Medical, Real Estate, and Child Care industries are just a few that require background checks and fingerprinting as part of their standard hiring protocol. Starting your own Live Scan Fingerprinting business requires much less overhead then other small businesses, and many more options.

Training on how to Become a Certified Live Scan Fingerprinting Business, authorized to provide Live Scan Services to the public will be your  first requirement in the Live Scan Biometrics Industry.

National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association will guide you step-by-step through each and every process helping getting your Live Scan Business up and running quickly and efficiently.

By following all procedures and strict guidelines according to the The California Department of Jutice (CAL-DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) specifications, ensures minimized errors and  liability risks associated with any data breach, and keep your agencies certification and valuable brand safe from negative publicity and enormous costs. You can be assured you are going to be ready!

In this All Inclusive class you will learn each process -including Ink Card Fingerprinting, Mobile Live Scan Business, Marketing, and so much more.

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