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Establishing a successful career in the biometrics industry requires knowledge and proper up-to-date training. Learn how to become a Certified Fingerprint Roller. Know the crucial difference from a Live Scan Operator/Roller and a PSP.
Starting a Live Scan Business or adding Live Scan Fingerprinting Services to an already existing business– All Inclusive Training-  Partner with the Industry's Leader helping you get your Live Scan Business up and running, acquire information, training and skills to get started the right way.
Effectively learn how to roll Ink  fingerprints on FBI  Fingerprint Cards.  This section of the class covers Department of Justice & FBI guidelines and procedures. Customers obtaining a criminal history record from another state or country are required to obtain FBI Ink Card (FD-258)  rolled prints. Many companies require a Ink Card Fingerprints to be kept on file.

Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting Business

Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting is in high demand, in order to start a  Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting business you first must become Certified as a Fingerprint Roller. Detailed training in the Mobile Fingerprinting Business, will help insure you are ready and prepared for this lucrative business.

National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association                                                                                                        What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

NLA Membership is included in Live Scan Fingerprinting Classes. Get up-to-date changes in any laws and regulations directly.

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Live Scan Fingerprinting is an ink less way to capture and submit  fingerprints to the Department of Justice and FBI. By utilizing approved specialized software and fingerprint scanners. Live Scan provides applicants an  expedited option for a background check.  Certified Live Scan Fingerprinting Rollers/Operators using  techniques and regulated  technology also used by law enforcement agencies and private facilities capture fingerprints and palm prints electronically, without the need for the more traditional method of ink and paper.

Live Scan Fingerprinting capture devices are basically a specialized digital camera that takes pictures of applicants fingerprints, then using approved and regulated software, transmits via private server to the Department of Justice and FBI for processing.

Educating Live Scan Fingerprint Rollers Since 2003
-Established in 2003, The National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association - NLFA is more than the nation's largest, most active Live Scan Fingerprinting  community and leading provider for training and services.

We take great pride in ensuring our students are trained to a set standards and regulated practices, guiding you through important  Live Scan Fingerprinting duties and providing you with  comprehensive step-by-step  resources, support and connections you need to grow and thrive in the Biometric Live Scan Fingerprinting  Industry.

Helping People Become Fingerprint Rollers Everyday
Whether you are looking for information on how to become a Live Scan Roller or how to start a Live Scan Business we will expertly guide you through the process.

Building Careers - Building Businesses
Ready to turn your Live Scan certificate into a career? National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association  is the leader in training individuals and businesses to become successful and prosperous. Learn what it takes to start your own fingerprinting business.

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Live Scan Classes is the nations provider of Fingerprint training and educational resources.  Offering sought after training,  Private one-on-one course, group courses or online training will ensure you are performing services and duties properly.

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"Training with Live Scan Classes has increase our profits for our Security Training company. Being a trainer myself, I was overwhelmed by the support and service we received.  Thank you for everything!"

Martin Sanin | San Franciso, California

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